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Wage and hour lawyer long island

Yale Pollack’s Long Island employment lawyers can assist you in recovering wages, tips, salary, and overtime pay that has been taken from you by your employer. Wage theft is illegal in New York, and businesses that fail to pay their employees on time may face severe penalties, including statutory or liquidated damages.

On Long Island, there are several examples of employers defrauding employees of their wages. Employers may categorize employees as independent contractors to avoid having to pay overtime. Employers may also incorrectly categorize people as salaried employees to avoid having to pay overtime compensation. Employers sometimes pay employees with cash, and these employees are paid less than the minimum wage.

The minimum wage and overtime restrictions apply to a large number of employees. However, certain personnel are classified as exempt and may be paid on a salary basis. Overtime pay and minimum wage exemptions can be tricky. Employees on Long Island who believe their employer is underpaying them should seek legal advice from an experienced employment attorney.

FLSA infractions are taken extremely seriously by the government. The Department of Labor may impose fines on employers who do not pay their employees correctly. Employees can also sue their employers if they believe they have been cheated out of their wages. Because many or all of an employer’s employees are paid incorrectly, claims for minimum wage and overtime violations are launched as a class action or collective action. Employees who have been successful in filing a wage theft lawsuit may be entitled to several different types of compensation. Employees may be able to recover their losses plus interest, or the pay they should have received. Employees may also be able to recover liquidated damages, which can be up to 100% of the actual damages. When an employer violates the wage and hour laws in ill faith, liquidated damages should be recovered. Furthermore, companies may be held accountable for the legal expenditures incurred by their employees.

Employers can be fined up to $5,000 per employee per year for violating the Wage Theft Prevention Act, which requires pay notices. Employees can also seek attorneys’ fees from their employers under the Wage Theft Prevention Act.

Employees who have not been paid correctly for minimum wage or overtime should see an employment attorney. The fact that an employee was paid in cash does not indicate that the employer may get away with breaking the law.

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