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The FINAL New York State Sexual Harassment Model Policy and Training Are Out!

On October 1, 2018, a little over one week before the October 9, 2018 effective date, New York State published the FINAL model policy and training for employers and employees to view on the New York State website. The following documents and information can be found here:

As well, the State has updated its Frequently Asked Questions guide.  The toolkit for employers can be found here.  The toolkit for workers can be found here.

The deadline to distribute compliant policies that meet or exceed the model policy for ALL New York State employers, REGARDLESS OF THE NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES, is October 9, 2018. The deadline to complete compliant training for ALL New York State employers has been pushed back to October 9, 2019 (it was January 1, 2019). New hires must be trained “as soon as possible” after their hire (it was within 30 days).

While the models can be used by employers in the State, it would be prudent for employers to use the template to update any anti-harassment and/or anti-discrimination policies that are currently in place. Although sexual harassment is the focus of the policies being issued by the State right now, it is still unlawful to discriminate or harass any employee because of any protected characteristic.

The Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C. can assist with providing updated policies that cover all forms of discrimination and harassment in the workplace with appropriate complaint forms that are in line with the guidance issued by the State. As well, the Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C. can conduct training for employees – both management and non-management – throughout the Tri-State Area, including New York City and Long Island.

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