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Wage and Hour Client – July 27, 2016

Back in December of 2015 I called out sick to work on Christmas Day and I returned to work the following day December 26, 2015 to a very upset owner. When I got to work I changed into my uniform and was told the owner would like to speak to me (I already knew I was going to be fired cause she has history of firing employees who call out sick). I sat down across from her and I can tell she was angry she started off by belittling me about my job performance and then telling me calling out sick was icing on her cake to fire me. When I was hired I was given a document to sign by the owners of the restaurant and in the document it read I was to work 12hrs a day for 6 days a week for the first 3mths of my employment then after 90 days I would work 5 days a week 12hrs a day. So the week of Xmas was my 90 day period to be exact Xmas day was day 95 so I was off on Thursday December 24th and was scheduled to work the remaining days of the week without my 2 days off so I took the 25th off to start my 2 days off a week. I was only going by what was in the “contract” they gave me at my hire date. When I was let go by the owner she said “I don’t care about that contract/ document this is my restaurant I will do whatever I want to do” so I just laughed and said ok bye. After a month or so goes by I decided to reach out to a lawyer to see if her firing me was legal and that is when I contacted Mr. Pollack and he got back to me ASAP. He asked me how all went down and if I was being paid correctly? At first I didn’t know until I looked at my pay stubs and I sent him copies where we both concluded that I was being paid wrong. I wasn’t being paid Spread Of Hours (meaning any shift that is 10hrs or more, you are to be paid a minimum wage just for working those hours) also I had more lunch hours deducted from my pay then hours I was actually taking each week. So I retained Mr. Pollack based on his knowledge and prompt responses to my inquiries about the laws of the work force. Mr. Pollack was very upfront and very precise with his answers there was no beating around the bush with him. He was so good that the owner we took action against had her attorneys speaking with him and with one of our many demands sent to them she (the owner) fired her attorney during the middle of the process lol I even told Mr. Pollack that if I were an owner and had to read his list of demands or hear him speak about law over the phone I would be scared and pay him $1,000,000 lol anyway to make a long story short Mr. Pollack was able to get me a lump sum settlement that we were both satisfied with in a very short period of time approximately 4 months. I would DEFINITELY recommend him to any person not sure of the Labor Laws of NY honestly if I was able to pay Mr. Pollack more then 1/3 of the settlement I would have with out hesitation he is worth every penny.