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As an employment lawyer at the Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C., when I give professional advice, guidance and services, it is tailored to the needs of the client, whether it be in negotiation or a lawsuit. I view all cases as equally critical. Implementing legal remedies courageously and consistently is a must. The principal thing I do I to inform and educate you as my client on the benefits concerning your case. The prosecution is a final resort and most cases are settled positively.


At times, managers will just react to being sued and act with the most extreme desperation. At times, it is beneficial to try and resolve a case outside of court if the circumstances permit. At other times, the options of filing at an agency or in court are more prudent methods of proceeding to resolve a dispute.

Employees need the lawful, passionate and related outcomes of their situations to be managed at the soonest time possible. Supervisors who act illegally ought to be considered responsible under New York’s employment law. In the event that you are in a circumstance like this, looking for employment law counsel is your best alternative. Get in touch with me today for experienced employment support administrations.


Businesses have rights as well! An appropriate legitimate reaction frequently avoids a full blown lawsuit, which could lead to fees and years of expense on a claim that could have been resolved years prior. We take an individualized approach to determine the best possible response to a claim that is brought against a company.

Businesses are legitimately qualified to expel or fire for unfortunate behavior without paying compensation. They can anticipate capability, genuineness, and proficiency from employees and can reject the individuals who do not fulfill their guidelines. Guarding and protecting your business is represented to by an employment law expert and get in touch with me for any employment law inquiry in New York.

We contest in New York and federal courts. We arrange and get settlements for employees and laborers. Our law office handles cases for individual employees and is happy to bring class and aggregate activities.

We speak to employees with cases of discrimination, inappropriate behavior, or other ill-advised treatment disregarding work law. We speak to laborers not being paid their legitimate tips, bonuses or least, winning, and additional time compensation

Employees working in New York are secured by numerous employment laws. In the event that you work in New York City and you encounter an unjustifiably or unlawfully situations in work environment, Yale Pollack will be of glad to assist you. In the event that you are a victim of unjust release, lewd behavior, discrimination, inability to oblige your pregnancy or award family restorative leave, wage theft or different infringement under-compensation and hour laws, or unlawful retaliation call us.

We are situated in 66 Split Rock Road, Syosset, New York or call (516) 634-6340 for a free phone discussion.

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