Starting another position can be an exciting time, yet it is significant that you need to understand the requirements of your employment agreement if you are provided with one. Debates can now and then emerge when an employee does not comprehend, or has misconstrued, a provision in this agreement.

Before you sign, you should consult with an attorney about exactly what you are agreeing to.  Are there restrictions?  What happens after your employment relationship ends?  Are there benefits tied to your job?

When you have signed the agreement, you are dedicated to the terms for the period indicated in the agreement, so it is significant that you talk about any issues with your manager (or trusted attorney) toward the beginning, BEFORE you sign.

The Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C. can guide you to ensure that the conditions of your agreement are reasonable under the circumstances, that the language utilized is clear and straightforward, and that you comprehend your commitments. We can likewise help you to determine any issues that may emerge, for example, if your employer violates the agreement.

Our committed lawyers can likewise help both business managers and individual representatives in managing the end as well as the settlement of an employment agreement to protect its interests.


An employment contract is a significant record since it sets out the rights and duties of both the representative and business.

You should comprehend what you’re consenting to and what you can anticipate from your new supervisors.

It is our experience that understanding and knowing your commitments of you and those of your boss at the initiation of your employment is a basic beginning stage to building up a fruitful, gainful, protected and amicable workplace.

We believe it’s significant that each worker being approached to sign an employment contract has the open door get exhortation simply as their boss did.

On the off chance that things don’t turn out as you anticipate, knowing the privileges of each gathering under the agreement may give you the devices to deal with your employer in the event that it does not hold up its end of the deal.

Understanding issues like qualifications to recompense and additional time, or even how to determine a contest on the off chance that one emerges during your working day can be entirely significant.

As the old saying goes, ‘you should not sign something that you don’t understand’. You may be astonished to discover that your agreement of employment can contain commitments that exist both during and after your employment with your manager.

Whatever your conditions, we endeavor to coordinate the correct assets, at the correct expense, with your needs, to create and safeguard the result that is best for you.

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