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New York Law protects the laborers from unfair treatment, discrimination, harassment, and unlawful compensation practices among other things. New York employment lawyer Yale Pollack is knowledgeable of the rights of New York laborers.  He can fight to guarantee that your rights are secured. Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C does not charge planned customers for an underlying phone admission with an individual from our legitimate group and we acknowledge cases on a contingency fee basis. Some employment cases have a short legal time limit and along these lines, it is best to contact an employment lawyer’s office as quickly as possible to avoid losing a case because of the progression of time. If you’ve been a victim of unlawful employment practices, present your case for audit to an employment legal adviser by calling (516) 634-6340). 

Some of the employment cases our office has expertise in are the following: 

Discrimination and Harassment

 We have experience helping employees with cases including racial discrimination or harassment of people because of religion,  native origin, bloodline, physical condition, ailment, hereditary data, marital status, sex, age (more than 40 years of age), pregnancy, and sexual preferences and orientation. 

Forced Overtime time,  Compensation, Meal and Rest Breaks

We have received a large number of complaint from employees guaranteed for an additional time pay, meal and rest break. We handle cases of unpaid pay, unpaid off or for leaves (for example directives, willingness), and unlawful deprivation of employees for additional pay.

Wrongful Termination

We strongly disagree claims in New York such as charges of illegal termination, discrimination, non-compliance of open approach, criticism, breach of contract or agreement, fake incentives, transformation, and comparative cases

Retaliation Claims

We speak for people who have been retaliated against by their manager in the habit of  complaining about harassment, pay, discrimination, as well as threatening and unhealthy working conditions and environment.

Unreimbursed Business Expenses

New York Law requires businesses to reimburse or compensate employees for sensible costs acquired regarding their employment. Some normal unpaid costs of doing business are outfits, mileage, and telephone utilization. We help employees recuperate their unreimbursed operational expenses. 

Medical Leaves   

We help employees settle claims against their managers for the inability to give medical leaves or potentially discrimination in light of an ailment. 

Informant Protections 

Bosses are not allowed of retaliating against an employee after revealing the unlawful practices or activity to an administration office. 

Qui Tam Actions 

In a Qui Tam case, the lawyer have the ability to expedite a claim  for the sake of the employee from legislature against employers for harms or damages they brought due to extortion or unlawful acts. Under the False Claims Act, for instance, the “relator” or informant is granted 15-20% of all cash recouped by the administration.

If you have a legal employment concerns that is not otherwise noted on this page, we encourage you to contact us; an employment lawyer may be able to assist you.

 If you need a New York Employment Attorney to take your case on a contingency fee basis, submit your case for our consideration by dialing (516) 634-6340).

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