Reminder: New York State Wage Increases As Of December 31, 2019

As the end of the year is approaching, it is important to remind New York State employers and employees of the increased minimum wages that affect both hourly and salaried employees.

For hourly, non-exempt workers, please see the below chart for basic hourly minimum wage increases that go into effect as of December 31, 2019:

New York CityEmployees in Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester CountiesWorkers in the Remainder of New York State (“Upstate”)
$15.00$13.00 (up from $12.00)$11.80 (up from $11.10)

To the extent you or your workforce are paying basic minimum wage, it is important to make sure that the increased wages are reflected as of December 31, 2019.

For employers and employees in the Hospitality Industry, such as restaurants, the “tip credit” rate is also being increased as of December 31, 2019, as follows:

New York CityEmployees in Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester CountiesWorkers in the Remainder of New York State (“Upstate”)
$10.00 Tip Credit: $5.00 $8.65 Tip Credit: $4.35 $7.85 Tip Credit: $3.95

The “tip credit” rules can be difficult to follow, so it is important to track this information to ensure that tipped employees are receiving at least basic minimum wage, inclusive of tips, when calculating wages.

“Fast food” workers minimum wage, which is as follows:

New York City New York State Outside New York City
$15.00 $12.75

More information about the Hospitality Industry – including fast foot establishments, can be found here.

Finally, there are increases in the minimum salary threshold that must be met for exempt employees. As of December 31, 2019, the following minimum salaries must be paid for exempt administrative and executive employees:

New York CityEmployees in Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester CountiesWorkers in the Remainder of New York State (“Upstate”)
$1,125.00 per week ($58,500 annually) $975.00 per week ($50,700 annually) $885.00 per week ($46,020 annually)

With the upcoming changes, it is important to update policies and pay practices to stay in compliance. For questions as an employer or employee in New York, please contact the Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C. at (516) 634-6340 or


Employment Contract Lawyer

New employment opens doors for opportunities and advancement in your career. Along the way, they may be some obstacles within your journey. Be that as it may, with circumstance comes vulnerability. The connection between a company and an employee to whom they make an offer is one that starts with confidence and interest, yet there will never be an assurance that this spirit will be forever. Conditions can change, and factors outside your ability to control could carry your job with an establishment to an unexpected or unwelcome end.

It crucial to understand the particulars of your Employment Agreement. When you start working in another position, you will commonly sign an Employment Agreement. The understanding (generally given, even though it might be verbal) among you and your manager about the terms and states of your employment.

Before you sign, you have the privilege to consult with your manager about the states of your employment, for example, your compensation as well as your qualifications. When you have signed, you commit to the terms for the period indicated in the Contract Agreement, so you must talk about any issues with your manager from the start.

Yale Pollack can assist with you to ensure that the conditions of your Employment Agreement are reasonable, that the language utilized is clear and straightforward, and that you understand your commitments. We can likewise help you to determine any issues that may emerge, for example, if your manager breaks the Employment Agreement.


An employment contract is a significant agreement since it sets out the rights and duties of both the employee and employer. The duties, just as the obligations of the employment position, are elaborated in an employment contract. Furthermore, the agreement ought to incorporate explicit data about pay and assessment standards. It may likewise constrain when the representative may leave their position, and when the business may fire the worker.

A signed employment contract is legitimately authoritative for both the boss and the worker. While the agreement can give insurance to both parties, it likewise connects each party into a legitimately enforceable understanding.

You should understand what you’re consenting to and what you can anticipate from your new supervisors. It is our experience that understanding and knowing your commitments and those of your boss at the beginning of your employment is a basic stage to building up a productive, gainful, protected, and amicable workplace. All the more explicitly an employment contract can include:

Salary or wages: Contracts will enumerate the salary, wage, or commission that has settled.

Timetable: at times, an employment contract will incorporate the days and hours a worker is relied upon to work.

Term of employment: An employment contract will indicate the timeframe the representative acknowledged to work for the company. At times, this may be a progressing timeframe. In different cases, it may be an understanding set for a particular span. Different times, a minimum length is spread out, with the chance of lengthening that period.

General obligations: Contracts can list the different obligations and assignments an employee will be anticipated to accomplish while employed.

Privacy: Even though you may need to sign a different non-disclosure arrangement, some of the time an agreement may incorporate an announcement about secrecy.

Benefits: An agreement should spread out all guaranteed benefits, containing, medical coverage, supplemental executive retirement plan information and whatever other advantages that are a factor of the employment.

On the off chance that things don’t turn out as you anticipate, knowing the privileges of each party under the agreement, may give you the advantage to deal with your manager if they don’t hold up their end of the deal.

An experienced and dedicated employment lawyer might be a relevant resource for acquiring before signing an employment contract. Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C. employment contract lawyers can reexamine the agreement to see if it is legitimately enforceable, and ensure that you understand what will be in the agreement. Moreover, we can enable you to arrange the particulars of the employment contract that will profit you, or renegotiate a current contract if either party wishes to create any adjustments.

Various types of Employment Contract

Full-Time Contracts

A very popular agreement, for permanent employees who work an entire seven day stretch of around 35 hours or more is a full-time contract.  A Full-time contract commonly offers the most advantages, like paid vacation, sick leave, and pension benefits. Contingent upon the company, you may likewise get included advantages like additional overtime pay, money related help for proceeding for school, and premium medical coverage. Since you’ll be spending an enormous part of your life at a full-time job, overview the agreement specifics carefully. Regardless of whether there is not a composed consent to scrutinize, ask questions in particular when the opportunity arises. On the off chance that anything makes you awkward or sometimes falls short for your career objectives, you can attempt to consult for something better or kindly refuse the offer.

Part-time Contracts

The agreement for part-time laborers is like those for full-timers, with more accentuation on the number of hours worked and extra time. Part-time work can at present have a similar steadiness and job security as full-time, yet with greater adaptability to plan around tutoring or childcare. In the US, there is normally a notable contrast in advantages between the two sorts of agreements, with simply the best part-time jobs offering medical coverage inclusion and paid holidays.

Apprentice Contracts

From jobseeker to wage worker, most laborers don’t bounce directly into their dream job, particularly in fields that require a ton of experience and perhaps propelled degrees. An apprenticeship enables you to get paid while you train for a position. Apprentice contracts can determine hours, the salary, in the case of preparing, is done in-house or related to another association, and if a full-time position will be accessible once the apprenticeship is finished.

Temporary or Fixed-Term Contracts

While some all-day jobs work under a verbal arrangement, fixed-term employees (at times informally alluded to as ‘contract workers’) normally have an unmistakable composed contract. It offers work for a set timeframe or until a particular assignment or occasion has been finished. Temporary laborers take over a particular job for a brief span, assisting during hectic season or filling in for an ordinary individual from staff who is out ill or on vacation. Both fixed-term employees and temporary laborers work that hour and get a large number of equal advantages from permanent staff. Temporary jobs can once in a while transform into permanent positions.

Administrative Contracts

Establishments searching for excellent employees for upper administration will offer enticement to draw the best candidates from different firms. Those job advantages will be in official contracts, with insights dealing with salary, bonus, and severance. These understandings will likewise be specifics about obligations, including meeting particular deals objectives or expanding the business into various markets. They additionally may incorporate particular article about privacy and rivals.

Association Contracts

As another representative, you might be required to join a nearby or across the country association of laborers for your specific exchange. While the organization itself is as yet in charge of enlisting you and paying your salary, the association arranges that salary just as different advantages for your benefit. An association contract can detail job portrayals, the precise way of progression or end, the measure of holiday time, and the benefits plan. Jobseekers frequently commit the mistake of not examining if an association is set up at the job they’re applying for, even though it’s something that generously directs your work life. Get some information about the agreement’s points of interest, including the levy you pay to help the association monetarily, before taking the job.

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U.S. Department of Labor Announces Final Overtime Rule

Today, more than 1.3 million Americans became eligible for overtime under the Federal Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), with the increase of the salary threshold going from $455 per week (or $23,660 per year) to $684 per week (or $35,568 per year).  The new rule will be implemented on January 1, 2020.  This is the first time the salary threshold has been increased since 2004.


Generally, unless employees are exempt, they are required to be paid 1 ½ times their regular rate of pay under the FLSA and the New York Labor Law (“NYLL”).  If an employer classifies an employee as exempt, then they can be paid a salary without overtime pay so long as the employee passes both a salary and duties test.  The new rule, as it stands, only addresses the salary threshold by increasing it nearly $12,000 per year for exempt employees to remain eligible under an exemption (e.g. executive, administrative, professional, etc.).  In addition, the new rule increased the salary threshold from $100,000 to $107,432 per year for employees to qualify under the “highly compensated” exemption under the FLSA. 


Notably, in New York, the salary basis test for employees was already higher than the newly increased threshold under the FLSA, as in 2020, employees will have to be paid the following salary in order to qualify for an exemption:


Employees in New York CityEmployees in Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester CountiesEmployees in the Remainder of New York State (“Upstate”)
$1,125.00 per week

($58,500 annually)

$975.00 per week

($50,700 annually)

$885.00 per week

($46,020 annually)


With the upcoming changes, it is important to update policies and pay practices to stay in compliance.  For questions as an employer or employee in New York, please contact the Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C. at (516) 634-6340 or


Employment Harassment Lawyer

The executives and employee issues delaying productivity, makes a negative environment and can lead to a separated and broken workforce. These issues can likewise result in both troublesome and harming lawful activities that must be taken cared of quickly under the direction of an experienced and trusted lawyers. 

In the event that your organization is suffering from Harassment, sexual orientation discrimination, in a working environment,  tormenting issues or conflicts at work, contact Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C. for experienced arrangement and prosecution administrations. Working Environment Harassment and tormenting cases are different in nature because of the uniqueness of various ventures. Our group has the knowledge and has the facility and the skills to accomplish productive and positive results for your association. 


Information of mix and various principles, guidelines, and benchmarks just as experience dealing with these delicate cases. 


From questions dependent on unobtrusive work culture issues to approach related cross-examinations, we can ensure your organization. 

Sexual Orientation 

Powerful goals for both, leaves open questions and private cases concerning sexual direction leading to discrimination. 


A wide range of accountability, boundaries, employing and promoting equal claims are expertly taken cared of by our group. 

Gender Discrimination 

  Administrations supported by our understanding of the particular rights, history and knowledge of sex-based harassment.


Depends on our involvement in a working environment. Such as the suffering and harassment done are all age-related discrimination.


It is the most widely recognized government discrimination charges, our group has a lot of experience taking care of this sort of suit.

The understanding involving in a work Environment Harassment are basic to protect your organization from disappointed employees and a damaged reputation. From beginning to end, rigorous assessments combined with our experiences into this exceptional industry, enable our group to contend your case and secure your organization.

Employment Lawyer Long IslandEmployment Lawyer MassapequaEmployment Lawyer Garden CitySexual Harassment Lawyer Long IslandSexual Harassment Garden CityLabor Lawyer Long IslandSexual Harassment Lawyer Garden City

Contingency Lawyer For Employment

New York Law protects the laborers from unfair treatment, discrimination, harassment, and unlawful compensation practices among other things. New York employment lawyer Yale Pollack is knowledgeable of the rights of New York laborers.  He can fight to guarantee that your rights are secured. Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C does not charge planned customers for an underlying phone admission with an individual from our legitimate group and we acknowledge cases on a contingency fee basis. Some employment cases have a short legal time limit and along these lines, it is best to contact an employment lawyer’s office as quickly as possible to avoid losing a case because of the progression of time. If you’ve been a victim of unlawful employment practices, present your case for audit to an employment legal adviser by calling (516) 634-6340). 

Some of the employment cases our office has expertise in are the following: 

Discrimination and Harassment

 We have experience helping employees with cases including racial discrimination or harassment of people because of religion,  native origin, bloodline, physical condition, ailment, hereditary data, marital status, sex, age (more than 40 years of age), pregnancy, and sexual preferences and orientation. 

Forced Overtime time,  Compensation, Meal and Rest Breaks

We have received a large number of complaint from employees guaranteed for an additional time pay, meal and rest break. We handle cases of unpaid pay, unpaid off or for leaves (for example directives, willingness), and unlawful deprivation of employees for additional pay.

Wrongful Termination

We strongly disagree claims in New York such as charges of illegal termination, discrimination, non-compliance of open approach, criticism, breach of contract or agreement, fake incentives, transformation, and comparative cases

Retaliation Claims

We speak for people who have been retaliated against by their manager in the habit of  complaining about harassment, pay, discrimination, as well as threatening and unhealthy working conditions and environment.

Unreimbursed Business Expenses

New York Law requires businesses to reimburse or compensate employees for sensible costs acquired regarding their employment. Some normal unpaid costs of doing business are outfits, mileage, and telephone utilization. We help employees recuperate their unreimbursed operational expenses. 

Medical Leaves   

We help employees settle claims against their managers for the inability to give medical leaves or potentially discrimination in light of an ailment. 

Informant Protections 

Bosses are not allowed of retaliating against an employee after revealing the unlawful practices or activity to an administration office. 

Qui Tam Actions 

In a Qui Tam case, the lawyer have the ability to expedite a claim  for the sake of the employee from legislature against employers for harms or damages they brought due to extortion or unlawful acts. Under the False Claims Act, for instance, the “relator” or informant is granted 15-20% of all cash recouped by the administration.

If you have a legal employment concerns that is not otherwise noted on this page, we encourage you to contact us; an employment lawyer may be able to assist you.

 If you need a New York Employment Attorney to take your case on a contingency fee basis, submit your case for our consideration by dialing (516) 634-6340).

Employment Lawyer Long IslandEmployment Lawyer MassapequaEmployment Lawyer Garden CitySexual Harassment Lawyer Long IslandSexual Harassment Garden CityLabor Lawyer Long IslandSexual Harassment Lawyer Garden City

Find an Employment Lawyer

When you start your quest for an employment lawyer, begin by searching for lawyers who have involvement in the class your case falls under. 

On the possibility that you need assistance with how to find a lawyer, it should follow which essential region of Employment Law you need help with. Employment Law covers a wide scope of arguments and occupation-related issues. Some of the regular employment law issues may include the following:

  • Separation infringement 
  • Improper end 
  • Retained wages and additional time questions 
  • Movement/citizenship/work visa issues 
  • Incapacity pay 

 It will be a lot simpler for you to discover an Employment Lawyer to assist you with your case, if you can identify first which fundamental legitimate issues you are confronting. 

Going back and forth or from place to place in attempting to find a sensible lawyer is difficult.

If  one day you will find a  lawyer, or know somebody who will do the job, you may feel like your alternatives are limited. When looking for employment lawyers, most people start their hunt by calling telephone numbers they found in the telephone directory or through an advertisement. 

More likely, such techniques or strategies in finding a lawyer needs a maximum effort, and can likewise be tiring. You might be interested on finding out about a lawyer’s case background before you call them, however, such data more likely isn’t given via a mere  telephone call or in the directory or in public. 

On the off chance that you are in a difficult situations, and you will encounter an employment issues or face an unfriendly activity by your employer, Calling an employment lawyer is the best option. 

 How Do I Choose A Lawyer? 

Solace Level – Are you open to telling the lawyer your confidential data? Does the lawyer appear to be keen on taking care of your concern? 

Qualifications – How long had he been practicing his profession? Has the lawyer taken a shot at different cases like yours? 

Cost – How are the lawyer’s expenses organized – hourly or level charge? Can the lawyer gauge the expense of your case? 

City – Is the lawyer’s office strategically placed near to you?

Employment Lawyers secure the benefits, civil and constitutional rights of employees,  and determine non-compliance of government and state’s disadvantageous conditions on separation and badgering laws, and employment understandings. 

At the Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C., we utilize a lawful gadget accessible to us to give you the most ideal result for your case. That means we return your telephone calls quickly, speak effectively and report the case consistently.

If you have been laid off, or terminated without proper notice, denied the lowest pay permitted by law, no extra time pay or tips or If you have been wrongly named as free worker, denied additional time pay since you are known as a “supervisor,” or required to work for nothing as an unpaid assistant or a “volunteer,” we can be of great help.

Employment Lawyer Long IslandEmployment Lawyer MassapequaEmployment Lawyer Garden CitySexual Harassment Lawyer Long IslandSexual Harassment Garden CityLabor Lawyer Long IslandSexual Harassment Lawyer Garden City

Labor and Employment Lawyer

The connection between an employee and an employer has never been one of equivalent to negotiating power. While most employer treats their employees well and understands that the relationship between them is a two-way road, others failed and tragically thought that their position gives them the power to carry on any way they see fit or advantageous to them. 

This may incorporate tricking employees out of their legally earned pay. Abusing employees and candidates, neglecting and disregarding complaints and objections of unfavorable and threatening workplace.

The working environment should be a protected spot for employers and employees alike, yet unfortunately, few specialist are liable to out of the line and illicit conditions by treacherous employers who chose to abuse and exploit their employees. 

These specialist may have not realized what their rights in the working environment, or they might fear standing up against their employer. These labor infringement can cause lost wages, assets and profits, spoilt chances in the working environment, and creates inappropriate pressure. 

Unreasonable or oppressive labor practices against employees can happen in different ways. Such as the inability to enlist, refusal of equal wages for an equal workloads, hands on badgering, improper sexual jokes, calling inappropriate statement, maligning of character, unpaid wages or overtime without pay, rejection of leave,  and employer counter.  

That is the reason our Labor and Employment Lawyers at Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C. are devoted to dealing with a variety of common civil litigation cases including segregation and out of line labor practices against employees. 

Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C. Offers legal representation in a wide range of areas: 

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Retaliation
  • Sexual Harassment


If you need assistance in any of the above areas please give me a call.  I am always more than happy to assist and discuss options with potential clients over the phone.


Labor and Employment Law

Labor law has customarily included the connections among associations, employers and employees. Labor Laws provides employees in specific areas the privilege to gather and organize workers and enable employers and employees to take part in a certain working environment related exercises. (For example: strikes and lockouts) so to facilitate the requests for changes in the employer-employee relationship. 

Employment Law then again is characterized as more extensive and arranged connections between employers and employees. In spite of the fact that the employment legal counselors manage huge numbers of almost identical gatherings from labor legal advisers (i.e., specialists and organizations), they ordinarily address issues that fall outside the structure of the association, the board relations and aggregate negotiations. Later on, the degree to which the rules or guidelines relating to associations and association specialists typically decides if they are viewed as segments of “labor law” or “employment law.”

Employment Lawyer Long IslandEmployment Lawyer MassapequaEmployment Lawyer Garden CitySexual Harassment Lawyer Long IslandSexual Harassment Garden CityLabor Lawyer Long IslandSexual Harassment Lawyer Garden City

The Employment Lawyer

As an employee, your work is customarily vital to your personality. As a business, you need to make the best choice, while restricting any lawful risk to your association. You need an Employment Lawyer who understands both sides.

We secure your rights as a worker. At the point when a working environment issue emerges, it can appear as though, the business holds every one of the cards. Employment Law In New York exists to diminish the characteristic power of one sidedness among laborers and managers. In spite of the fact that you may not understand it, the law attempts to increase your potential benefit.

  We speak for workers who have been liable for unreasonable treatment. We fight for our customers’ sake to win solid settlements in accordance with their legitimate privilege. At the point when a settlement is unreasonable, our litigators will get the chance to work in getting appropriate outcomes in all degrees of court, Human Rights Council, and Employment Benchmarks Branch. On the off chance that you’ve been improperly expelled or have encountered prejudicial activity at work, we set our ability and skillful strategy to work for you. 

Employees have rights. When you are deprived of your rights or encountering an issue with your activity, you need to understand your rights and check your options. You need to settle on a knowledgeable choice and move on. We teach and enable Employees, either legitimately or through their associations.

Our lawyers have significant involvement with all parts of Employment Law. We consistently lead improper expulsion claims, contract dealings and Human Rights objections. Law Workplaces of Yale Pollack group has broad involvement in preliminary and advance courts in New York City. We likewise have involvement with regulatory courts, intercession, discretion, and different types of debate goals. 

Regardless of whether in court or in exchange, we utilize powerful employment law systems to accomplish genuine outcomes for our customers. Numerous arrangements are done rapidly, harmoniously based on our reputation for being the main firm in our training region. 

We additionally praise ourselves on creativeness, and our partners and associates, recognize us for this characteristic also. You can rely on us to adapt a comprehensive strategy to your case, dependably with a view to expertly and forcefully seeking after the most ideal result that the conditions of your case will permit.

Employment Lawyer Long IslandEmployment Lawyer MassapequaEmployment Lawyer Garden CitySexual Harassment Lawyer Long IslandSexual Harassment Garden CityLabor Lawyer Long IslandSexual Harassment Lawyer Garden City

Employment Lawyer New York – Yale Pollack, P.C

As an employment lawyer at the Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C., when I give professional advice, guidance and services, it is tailored to the needs of the client, whether it be in negotiation or a lawsuit. I view all cases as equally critical. Implementing legal remedies courageously and consistently is a must. The principal thing I do I to inform and educate you as my client on the benefits concerning your case. The prosecution is a final resort and most cases are settled positively.


At times, managers will just react to being sued and act with the most extreme desperation. At times, it is beneficial to try and resolve a case outside of court if the circumstances permit. At other times, the options of filing at an agency or in court are more prudent methods of proceeding to resolve a dispute.

Employees need the lawful, passionate and related outcomes of their situations to be managed at the soonest time possible. Supervisors who act illegally ought to be considered responsible under New York’s employment law. In the event that you are in a circumstance like this, looking for employment law counsel is your best alternative. Get in touch with me today for experienced employment support administrations.


Businesses have rights as well! An appropriate legitimate reaction frequently avoids a full blown lawsuit, which could lead to fees and years of expense on a claim that could have been resolved years prior. We take an individualized approach to determine the best possible response to a claim that is brought against a company.

Businesses are legitimately qualified to expel or fire for unfortunate behavior without paying compensation. They can anticipate capability, genuineness, and proficiency from employees and can reject the individuals who do not fulfill their guidelines. Guarding and protecting your business is represented to by an employment law expert and get in touch with me for any employment law inquiry in New York.

We contest in New York and federal courts. We arrange and get settlements for employees and laborers. Our law office handles cases for individual employees and is happy to bring class and aggregate activities.

We speak to employees with cases of discrimination, inappropriate behavior, or other ill-advised treatment disregarding work law. We speak to laborers not being paid their legitimate tips, bonuses or least, winning, and additional time compensation

Employees working in New York are secured by numerous employment laws. In the event that you work in New York City and you encounter an unjustifiably or unlawfully situations in work environment, Yale Pollack will be of glad to assist you. In the event that you are a victim of unjust release, lewd behavior, discrimination, inability to oblige your pregnancy or award family restorative leave, wage theft or different infringement under-compensation and hour laws, or unlawful retaliation call us.

We are situated in 66 Split Rock Road, Syosset, New York or call (516) 634-6340 for a free phone discussion.

Employment Lawyer Long IslandEmployment Lawyer MassapequaEmployment Lawyer Garden CitySexual Harassment Lawyer Long IslandSexual Harassment Garden CityLabor Lawyer Long IslandSexual Harassment Lawyer Garden City

Long Island Employment Defense Attorney | Labor Lawyers

The Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C. represents the business and insurance communities in all aspects of employment and work environment issues, from employment practices liability defense to conventional managerial work matters. We provide legal counsel that meets the individual needs and demands of our clients and take time to to completely understand how our clients’ organizations operate to handle issues they may encounter. Our approach and goal is to serve both as a lawful advisor and a business associate to our client.

Explicit zones of our employment law practice include:

Discrimination — We have extensive involvement in discrimination cases including age, race, origin or ethnic, sexual orientation and preferences, sexual direction, and disability.

Audits — The firm provides audits to companies to ensure that they are classifying their employees properly to avoid wage and hour lawsuits. As well, we ensure that proper documentation is in files to avoid statutory penalties that can arise under the law.

Handbooks – The firm prepares Handbooks to protect companies through the policies it implements. These are helpful in defending cases and providing legitimate reasons for terminating an employee for workplace violations.

Employment Disputes— Employment debates can appear as contract debates, maligning or enthusiastic trouble. We handle the full scope of employment conflicts including investigation process, interventions, and unemployment hearings. We endeavor to remain current on always developing state and federal resolutions and guidelines.

Contracts — We offer a arrangements among businesses and employees, and drafting all types of workplace policies and other facilities for employment agreements.

Get in touch with us.

For more data or to schedule a meeting with an accomplished legal counselor in regards to an employment-related question, get in touch with us and call our Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C. Tel: (516) 634-6340.

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