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Attorneys specializing in labor and employment law

Our attorneys in the Labor Relations and Employment Law Groups work with both public and private sector clients.

We represent unions in the public sector in all facets of labor relations as well as judicial and administrative labor disputes. We help our union clients with collective bargaining agreements, contract mediation, and interest arbitration, among other things. In contract complaints, improper practice charges, and disciplinary procedures, we also represent our clients and their members. Yale Pollack’s union attorneys also serve as general and legislative counsel on a wide range of problems affecting unions and public sector employees in their various state and local governments.

We advise the private sector on discrimination claims based on race, gender, religion, national origin, age, and disability, as well as sexual harassment, wage, hour, and overtime law, labor relations, and management/union disputes. Our attorneys represent clients in federal and state courts, as well as before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Department of Labor, the National Labor Relations Board, labor arbitrators and mediators, and state and local human rights law commissions. Restrictive covenants and trade secrets are topics on which we advise and litigate. We also offer preventative counseling on personnel issues, such as business policies, as well as personnel and human resource guidance.


In all labor and employment law concerns, we advise clients intending to find creative, realistic, and cost-effective solutions to all disputes.

You’re dealing with a legal difficulty or concern. It instills a sense of dread and apprehension. It could even become overwhelming, hurting your work or personal life. For the first encounter, you might meet with a senior partner at another firm. As a result, your case may be allocated to a rotating cast of attorneys as it progresses. You will meet with the greatest labor lawyers at our business, who will handle your case from beginning to end. Your case will not be assigned to one or more novice associates who are still learning. Instead, you’ll have access to over 34 years of expertise as a labor and employment lawyer, bringing with it a plethora of skills and knowledge that has been perfected over time. We have a track record of success. What we have accomplished for our clients reflects our firm’s strength, as does what we can achieve for you. As a result of our accomplishment, you now have the best opportunity of succeeding.

We take great satisfaction in going above and beyond what most legal firms do. The tremendous experience, contacts, and relationships that we have built will be beneficial to you. Our multilateral strategies will increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. Rely on our experience and track record. You may rely on us for legal advice and help. You can count on us to think “beyond the box” and to come up with new and distinctive solutions. This is what we have to offer. This is what has allowed us to be so successful.

Our mission is to continue providing the best legal representation possible. Our unwavering goal is to put that vision into action in a way that is effective, timely, and cost-efficient in addressing and resolving your specific needs, concerns, and difficulties.

We are excited to have the opportunity to represent you and your interests.