Reminder: New York State Wage Increases As Of December 31, 2019

As the end of the year is approaching, it is important to remind New York State employers and employees of the increased minimum wages that affect both hourly and salaried employees. For hourly, non-exempt workers, please see the below chart ...
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Employment Contract Lawyer

New employment opens doors for opportunities and advancement in your career. Along the way, they may be some obstacles within your journey. Be that as it may, with circumstance comes vulnerability. The connection between a company and an employee to ...
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U.S. Department of Labor Announces Final Overtime Rule

Today, more than 1.3 million Americans became eligible for overtime under the Federal Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), with the increase of the salary threshold going from $455 per week (or $23,660 per year) to $684 per week (or $35,568 per ...
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Employment Harassment Lawyer

The executives and employee issues delaying productivity, makes a negative environment and can lead to a separated and broken workforce. These issues can likewise result in both troublesome and harming lawful activities that must be taken cared of quickly under ...
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Contingency Lawyer For Employment

New York Law protects the laborers from unfair treatment, discrimination, harassment, and unlawful compensation practices among other things. New York employment lawyer Yale Pollack is knowledgeable of the rights of New York laborers.  He can fight to guarantee that your rights ...
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Find an Employment Lawyer

When you start your quest for an employment lawyer, begin by searching for lawyers who have involvement in the class your case falls under.  On the possibility that you need assistance with how to find a lawyer, it should follow ...
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Labor and Employment Lawyer

The connection between an employee and an employer has never been one of equivalent to negotiating power. While most employer treats their employees well and understands that the relationship between them is a two-way road, others failed and tragically thought ...
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The Employment Lawyer

As an employee, your work is customarily vital to your personality. As a business, you need to make the best choice, while restricting any lawful risk to your association. You need an Employment Lawyer who understands both sides. We secure ...
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Employment Lawyer New York – Yale Pollack, P.C

As an employment lawyer at the Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C., when I give professional advice, guidance and services, it is tailored to the needs of the client, whether it be in negotiation or a lawsuit. I view all ...
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Long Island Employment Defense Attorney | Labor Lawyers

The Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C. represents the business and insurance communities in all aspects of employment and work environment issues, from employment practices liability defense to conventional managerial work matters. We provide legal counsel that meets the individual ...
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