Are you being paid what you are entitled to under the law? Are you receiving at least minimum wage? Are you being paid overtime? If in the hospitality (restaurant) industry, is your employer paying you correctly with any tip credit? Are you properly classified as exempt? Are you properly classified as an independent contractor?

Are you being treated equally at work based on your age; alienage or citizenship status; color; disability; gender; gender identity; marital status and partnership status; national origin; pregnancy; race; religion/creed; sexual orientation; status as a Veteran or Active Military Service Member? Have you been a victim of sexual harassment or otherwise harassed because of a protected characteristic?
Are you being treated differently because of your arrest or conviction record
caregiver; credit history; unemployment status; salary history; status as a victim of domestic violence, stalking, and sex offenses

Business Owners:
Do you have policies protecting you in the event of litigation? Do you have an employee handbook? Are you paying your employees properly? Are you protecting your business interests? Has an issue arisen in a dispute with another company you do business with? Do you need help in collecting outstanding receivables?

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Find an effective solution to your legal trouble

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