Legal Services for Employees on Long Island

Employees are often unaware of their rights and feel that they are in a position of unequal bargaining power when dealing with their employers.  The Firm is here to assist employees in knowing if any of their rights have been violated and, if so, what their potential options are in seeking recourse against their employer.

The Firm represents clients in all areas of employment harassment and discrimination, whether based on race, gender, pregnancy, age, disability, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or any other protected characteristic.  In addition, the Firm will prosecute claims on behalf of employees who have been retaliated against by their employer because they engaged in a protected activity, including whistleblower claims.  As well, the Firm helps employees know their rights when they need to take time off to care for a family member or themselves.

The Firm also protects employees who have not been properly paid their wages, including commissions, vacation and overtime.  These claims are often unknown to employees and unfair advantage it taken by employers to deprive employees of wages to which they are lawfully entitled.

If you believe that any of your workplace rights have been violated, the Firm is here to help.

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