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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Major Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against National Jewelry Chains

Despite the endless barrage of commercials swooning “he went to Jared” and “every kiss begins with Kay,” said national jewelry chains are facing major discord with their employees – as described in a recent class action discrimination lawsuit filed in February 2017. According to the Florida-based petition, as many as 69,000 men and women are alleging that the corporate culture was one of groping, fondling and uninvited sexual advances – reaching from local store employees up to the corporate executive level.

According to one account, a 25-year old Florida-based employee was fired upon suspicion of theft after she refused the sexual advances of her superiors. The complaint further alleges that employees were encouraged to cater to the sexual requests of their superiors to remain employed – not to mention the widespread gender-based discrimination that infiltrated everything from the hiring process to whether an employee was attractive enough for promotion.

The case actually began in 2008, and has meandered its way through the litigation and arbitration process. The case is bolstered by sworn declarations by 250 brave women who came forward initially with reports of sex discrimination and workplace harassment. Disgustingly, these statements revealed that executives working in the jewelers’ Ohio-based headquarters would regularly host “recruitment parties” to entice female employees to engage in sexual activities in return for promotions within the company. The declarants consistently referred to “going to the big stage,” which was a phrase used throughout the company by male-dominated leadership to entice female employees to submit to their sexual advances in exchange for career advancement.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is never acceptable, and an experienced employment attorney can help work through any discrimination issues that may arise.

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